Your dad is a spy. Family relations of scouts in the movie "Hero"

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If you carefully read the Western press, there is a certain pride in Russia. According to the Western media, our country has its own agents everywhere, the Russian secret services are constantly extracting other people's secret documents, and the “Russian hackers” who are able to crack any computer systems have generally turned into a kind of meme. It is strange that other countries have not yet recognized their impotence and have not become part of the Russian Federation.

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Cinema is harder. In American action movies, Russians often become opponents of the main characters (agents of the American special services, of course), they play the role of a tough mafia ("Russian mafia" is another meme), and occasionally heroes of Russian origin even help fight evil. In our cinema, everything is the same, but with the opposite sign. The spy thriller Karen Hovhannisyan "Hero" was no exception.

According to the plot of the film, a former Russian citizen is going to uncover the secret operation of his homeland to prepare a whole network of sleeping agents. But right at the time of the press conference, unknown persons abduct the traitor, and later find his corpse. Of course, Russian intelligence is suspected of a crime.

Andrey (Alexander Petrov) lives in Vienna and works in a skateboard store. He is well versed in this and is able to convince even the most incredulous buyer to make a purchase. But once a measured life ends. The father, Colonel-Scout Rodin (Vladimir Mashkov), who is considered to be long dead, calls the phone and says that Andrei has started hunting and that he needs to run.

Andrei obeys: he fights off the hired killer, but before leaving the city he warns about the danger of Masha (Svetlana Khodchenkova), with whom he studied at the intelligence school. Now they are open for hunting, and they join forces to survive. Young people are going to get to Kaliningrad, where the last time Rodin Sr. contacted to find him and understand what was happening.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

Svetlana Hodchenkova. Shot from the film “Hero”, 2019

Of course, the authors of the film did not even pretend that this was some kind of real story, although they boasted that the Russian special services called the “Hero” believable. However, what exactly is the credibility, they did not explain, but it does not matter. In principle, the picture can be watched, completely abstracting from the citizenship of the main characters: this could happen anywhere and not necessarily with the Russians.

Images from the films “Rambo: Last Blood” and “Terminator: Dark Fates”.

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Although it should be noted that Western filmmakers love to show how insidious these Russians were. The plot of the “Hero” is as if copied from the “Salt” by Philip Noyce, in which the main character (played by Angelina Jolie) studied in a secret espionage school in the USSR as a child. Or you can recall the recent "Red Sparrow", which, however, inherits more from Nikita by Luc Besson and some Charlie's Angels.

However, the efforts of Hovhannisyan and the scriptwriter Nikolai Kulikov (“I am losing weight”, “Moving up”, “Crew”) “Hero” turned out to be very exciting, and during the viewing I am not at all drawn to recall the possible sources of inspiration for the creators of the picture. “Hero” is a spy thriller with omnipotent special services and traitors inside the system, the film is dynamic, it has many battle scenes, tricks and chases. Heroes hardly reflect, they are constantly busy with something, and all this action is slightly flavored with comedy, which is an undoubted plus. Another big plus is casting: each of the actors who played the three main characters has a lot of fans, but in the common scenes Petrov, Mashkov and Khodchenkov look organically and – really – believable.

Vladimir Mashkov. Shot from the movie "Hero", 2019 "class =" sharable_picture "src =" "width =" 100%

Vladimir Mashkov. Shot from the film “Hero”, 2019

Perhaps the problem is only one: against the background of hysteria in the Western media regarding Russian spies (which are everywhere), the “Hero” can be regarded as a tacit recognition. Like, yes, we have secret agents and deeply conspiracy "moles" in your countries, they are waiting for hour X, when they can finally serve the Motherland in the right way. It’s another matter that the “Hero” promotes another thought: the network of these agents exists in the most extreme case, and all the incidents involving it are the work of renegades with whom the terrible Russian Kei-GB is (well, or the Foreign Intelligence Service, as in film) will figure it out myself, without strangers. After all, these are internal affairs of Russia, to which it is more expensive to intervene.

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