WSJ: US wants to stop China from acquiring Motor Sich Ukrainian company

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Moscow, August 24 – AIF-Moscow.

Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security, John Bolton, intends to prevent the Chinese company Skyrizon Aircraft from buying out the Ukrainian aircraft engine manufacturing company Motor Sich, The Wall Street Journal writes.

Alexander Dudchak.

The Tale of Lost Enterprises of Ukraine

According to the sources of the publication, next week Bolton will visit Kiev, where he will meet with the management of Motor Sich and tell that the attempt to prevent the deal is part of the national security and defense strategy.

“This is a strategic competition with China,” the source said.

Another source of the publication added that the United States will not allow China to master the production technology of engines for a heavy fleet.

Skyrizon Aircraft is building a plant in southwestern China under the capacity of a Ukrainian enterprise, the newspaper said. The plant is not put into operation.

Motor Sich has its history since 1907. After the collapse of the USSR, the company continued to actively cooperate with Russia. The company's share in the Russian market in 2009 reached 50%, but after 2014 Ukraine banned any military-technical cooperation with Russia. In 2018, Kiev introduced a ban on the supply of D-436 aircraft engines to the Russian Federation, which are manufactured at Motor Sich.



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