With "Dylda" to the film academy. What kind of film will represent Russia at the Oscars

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In 2019, Russia in the Oscar nomination "The Best International Feature Film" will be presented by Konstantin Balagov's drama "Dylda". This was reported by TASS with reference to the chairman of the Russian Oscar Committee, director and actor Vladimir Menshov. The committee identified an Oscar candidate film on Tuesday, September 24, at a meeting held at the Cinema House. Menshov did not comment on the decision of the committee members.

The Russian film "Dylda" won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival

According to the rules of the American Film Academy, each country can nominate a film that was released locally before October 1 of this year. At the same time, at Oscar 2020, the foreign category is called in a new way: academics decided that the old name ("the best film in a foreign language") does not reflect the situation that has developed in world cinema. Therefore, the winner of this category (he will be announced at the ceremony on February 9, 2020) will be the first to receive the title of “Best International Film”.

The selection process conducted by the Russian Oscar Committee is usually closed. According to Vedomosti, the committee members made the final choice between two films: Alexei Sidorov's T-34 and Balagov's Dylda. The victory in this dispute “Dyldy” looks logical – she has better international history.

What is the movie “Yield”?

Autumn of 1945, post-war Leningrad. The main characters of the picture are two anti-aircraft gunners who fought together during World War II. Iya (Victoria Miroshnichenko), nicknamed Dylda, received a concussion, was commissioned and works in the Leningrad hospital; she periodically has seizures during which she does not control herself. Masha (Vasilisa Perelygina) reached Berlin, but she was also seriously injured, and she cannot have children. But she wants to raise a child, and therefore Masha asks for help from her friend.

The basis for the script of the picture (the script was written by the writer Alexander Terekhov) was one interview from the book of the Nobel laureate Svetlana Aleksievich "The war does not have a female face." The premiere of “Dyldy” was held in the “Special Look” program of the Cannes Film Festival-2019; the Cannes jury awarded the film a director's prize. In addition, critics noted Balagov’s film as well as the director’s previous work, the film Tesnota, in 2017.

Inner Leningrad. What scares the movie "Yield"?

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What will happen next?

The nomination from the country is the first step in the four-month movement of the film to the Oscars. The nominated film must be approved by the American Film Academy, which assesses its compliance with the rules; in most cases this happens automatically, but, for example, Nikita Mikhalkov’s Siberian Barber was disqualified in 1999 due to the fact that he didn’t have a rental on time. After that, a long list of applicants for the “foreign Oscar” appears, in which there are usually about 80 paintings from around the world.

The most significant film awards in the world. Infographics

In December, members of the Academy of Motion Picture Academy select nine shortlisted films from this list, and later five finalists are formed; this five is announced along with other Oscar nominees (in this cycle they will be called January 13, 2020). The winner is announced at the main award ceremony; This time it will be held on February 9th.

Domestic paintings several times became laureates of the Oscars in this category; so, for example, the statuette was received by “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” by Vladimir Menshov and Burnt by the Sun by Mikhalkov. In addition, Russian films often fall into the list of finalists – “The Caucasian Captive” by Sergei Bodrov, “The Thief” by Pavel Chukhrai; in recent years, these were paintings by Andrei Zvyagintsev – “Leviathan” and “Dislike”.

Shot from the movie “Yield”, 2019

Great (but not absolute) chances to receive an Oscar are paintings awarded prizes at prestigious international festivals. So, South Korea this year will be represented by the film "Parasites" directed by Pong Joon Ho, who received the main prize in Cannes – "Golden Palm Branch".

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