Why did Poland and Bulgaria forget that the USSR freed them from fascism?

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Why do modern Poles, Bulgarians, and Balts have such a short memory?

Armen Gasparyan, writer, publicist, member of the Central Council of the Russian Military-Historical Society:

In my opinion, such accusations should have been made. Because these countries are mostly in the 1930s. occupied a diametrically opposite position. They all flirted with the Fuhrer. Together with Hitler, the Poles dreamed of attacking the “Asian-Bolshevik hell”. The Bulgarians provided their territory for the work of the Abwehrstelle – intelligence agencies of the Third Reich. In the Baltic states, Nazi military bases were located. So why be surprised when the descendants of the losers want to do exactly the same thing?

Figure AiF / Andrey Dorofeev

As for their jumps and tricks in relation to Russia … In my opinion, if Hitler had not destroyed the Jews – the inhabitants of Europe, he would have been rehabilitated a long time ago. Moreover, they would have proved that he was forced to preventively attack the Asian-Bolshevik Mordor. Because the main evil in world history today is Stalin. And sooner or later they will implement this scheme. There are already prerequisites for this. Many did not pay attention, as this year, on the eve of June 22, a number of Western media wrote about this, referring to statements made on June 22, 1941 by von Ribbentrop, Hitler and Goebbels. Because Hitler is his own, he is understandable.

Boris Mikhailovich Shaposhnikov.

Forecast of General Shaposhnikov. In 1938, the USSR was waiting for the blow of Germany and Poland.

Returning to the statement of Bulgaria, I want to recall that two years ago they did not call on representatives of Russia to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the country's liberation from the Ottoman yoke. Although the Russian army did this under the command of our outstanding general Skobelev. And in World War I, the brother-brothers fought against Russia.

The Poles have already agreed to the point that, they say, the Nazi occupation is a very tragic episode, but it lasted 6 years, and the Soviet one – 45! However, they do not mention how many millions of “Soviet occupiers” poured into the economy of Eastern Europe, that the USSR allocated huge funds to Poland already in 1944, when its territory was just freed from the Germans. They also do not explain what caused the famine in Ukraine in 1946, which the Ukrainians themselves call the "third famine." And we were starving because we, ourselves malnourished, sent food to the Poles. Then no one thought that this audience would be so ungrateful. But the Poles will not recall this historical truth. Because it’s all of them no longer interested.

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