Who will build the future of Russia?

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A man who was fired from work from Africa, having taken offense at his host country, pushed a German woman with a young son onto the railway tracks. Son died, mother in the hospital. The press responded indignantly: "A new crime shocked the whole of Germany."

Life on European pavement is still better than on African sand.

Africa in Italy. In Europe, they never figured out what to do with migrants

Europeans, with their established traditions of humanism, find themselves in a difficult situation. To prevent the influx of intruders is to contradict the principles of tolerance. And to continue to open the doors wide for uninvited guests is getting worse. Anxiety – social, economic and political – is growing. Reflecting this alarm, the press and politicians are increasingly saying that "strangers pose a threat to the fundamental values ​​and foundations of Europe." And such moods are increasingly used by parties with a right-wing and nationalist bias. Their popularity among the general population is increasing. Human rights activists and supporters of liberal foundations are forced to defend themselves.

Dangerous guests

But defense is becoming increasingly difficult. Migrants, especially when they accumulate in places where they manage to settle down and gain a foothold, often themselves give cause for discontent and fears. Germans, French, Italians, Spaniards – nations with strong cultural traditions and everyday life – do not like it when guests, feeling the power of their mass, begin to obsessively demonstrate their traditions to them. In Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, directors of kindergartens and schools, under the pressure of Muslim communities, are forced to change the menu in children's canteens, excluding the usual pork dishes. Threats are often extremely aggressive: to burn a kindergarten, to kill a school principal, etc. Europeans are increasingly annoyed by the Muslim habit of demonstrating their standards of clothing and behavior.

Attempts by local European authorities to influence the situation are more external in nature. So, in Holland just the other day a law was passed prohibiting Muslims in public places from covering their faces with hijabs. Human rights activists, it is not difficult to guess, protested. But when the visitors rape white women, for some reason, the voices of human rights defenders are not heard. Humanism, however …
Refugees from the Middle East in Hamburg. "Class =" sharable_picture "src =" https://images.aif.ru/013/352/9dc6e354e34ceacf11c4ab0e2ab947a6.jpg
Non-child games. How Germany was captured by the "bearded boys"

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How about us?

Migration flows in Russia are also increasing. Over the year, they almost doubled. But the numbers are not yet frightening. In addition, the migration that is observed in Russia is of a different nature than in Europe. They come from foreign countries, and our visitors only recently lived with us in one country, whose name is the USSR. Most were fluent in Russian, educated in the Soviet school system.

Why did the number of illegal migrants grow sharply?

However, with the collapse of the USSR, unexpectedly quickly and under the influence of neighboring Muslim countries, those traditions (religious, cultural, educational, everyday) that the Soviet system seemed to grind completely began to come back very quickly and under the influence of neighboring Muslim countries. But it turned out that civilizational and political unity in the framework of the USSR by and large did not exist. The local political leadership verbally loudly swore allegiance to communist Moscow, but in fact encouraged local customs and mores. And, as soon as the tight control of the Kremlin disappeared, centuries-old traditions (including Muslims), though not in full, but returned.

It seems that in Russia the same processes that Western Europe went through will go through. The first generations of migrants who came to France, England and Germany after the collapse of the colonial empires settled in these countries with the understanding that they were in an economic paradise, in a different civilization. With rare exceptions, they did not flaunt either their Islam or their everyday differences. They wanted to quickly get used to the local conditions, live and look like the French, Germans, British. I wanted to learn the local language as soon as possible. Arriving for the first time in Paris in 1972, I found this situation: on the Champs Elysees it was rare to see a woman in a hijab, and few spoke Arabic in the streets. Today, the children of migrants in the second and third generations do not feel their “European happiness." And, faced with discrimination, they are increasingly opposing themselves to European civilization. In Russia, it seems, a similar situation is being overlooked. The authorities have not noticed her yet. Or pretend not to notice.
Hijab shawls - European women's clothing? "Class =" sharable_picture "src =" https://images.aif.ru/012/346/ead9d33e16ff61cc6fd234dabd653d48.jpg
“We’ll cut off your head!” Hearing this in the center of Europe is no wonder

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Shawarma for Unarmed?

At first, after the collapse of the USSR, people with a good knowledge of the Russian language and our traditions, as a rule, arrived in Russia as "comers". Today those generations are already coming, for whom Russian-European culture is almost alien. Moreover, after gaining independence in a number of former republics, they began to purposefully oust the Russian language from the field of education. As a result, there were those in Russia who could not connect the two words in Russian. And this is one of the reasons that forces them to settle among their own. There is an ethnic localization of visitors. And in a number of areas, local residents are already beginning to feel discomfort in much the same way that Parisians or Londoners feel at home.

The method of reproduction. Why does Russia need 10 million new migrants?

The situation in Russia is complicated by the fact that in recent years an unfavorable demographic situation has developed in the country. Russian families are less likely to venture to have a second child. Migrants coming from countries that are poorer than Russia and accustomed to restrictions do not, as a rule, experience such fears. In Germany, France, Great Britain, where there are also great difficulties with demographics, today you can often hear disturbing forecasts that Western Europe will become Muslim in 30-50 years.

* * *

European governments have not yet developed a clear strategy for building interethnic relations either in individual countries or in the EU as a whole. In Germany itself, political correctness drowns out common sense and a sense of strategic security. Meanwhile, in the words about the “threat to fundamental foundations” there is a considerable share of truth.

In my opinion, our authorities need to take a closer look at what is happening in Western Europe. Do not gloat over the “flashy European contradictions”, as they liked to do in the USSR, but think about the boundaries, norms and rules of hospitality, which are dictated by new circumstances. Who will build our future? We ourselves with our minds and our own hands? Or will we need millions of helpers to come? I would not want our schools to speak Russian badly, and shawarma replaced Russian pies.

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