Who exchanged Kiev? The list includes "treasonmen", "terrorists" and "spies"

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He returned to Russia, including the head of RIA Novosti Ukraine, Kirill Vyshinsky, who was accused of treason only because he published various opinions about what was happening in Ukraine. Moscow, among others, handed over to Kiev 24 sailors detained for illegally crossing the border of the Russian Federation in the Kerch Strait, and Oleg Sentsov, convicted of terrorism. Senator Konstantin Kosachev believes that this exchange is the first step towards dialogue with Kiev. Meanwhile, the presidential aide, Andrei Yermak, announced the following exchange – already between Kiev and the unrecognized republics of Donbass.

The staff of the MIA "Russia Today" met Vyshinsky loaf

Of the 35 people transferred to Moscow, only 14 have Russian citizenship. At the same time, Kiev continues to pretend that there is no civil war in the country.

In addition to Cyril Vyshinsky, several other notorious people flew to Moscow. For example, Stanislav Yezhov, who was the personal translator of Prime Minister Groysman. According to the SBU, he was recruited by the Russian special services during a long business trip to the United States. Yezhov pleaded guilty and received only 3 years for this, which he managed to sit in jail. A similar story with the Ukrainian Andrei Vaskovsky. He served in the SBU counterintelligence department when he was accused of working for the Russian special services. He received a year, left him in jail. The former deputy chief of training for the Ukrainian Navy, Taras Sinichak, was found guilty of continuing to serve in the Russian army after joining the Crimea.

Most of those surrendered to Moscow pass under the article "State Treason." These are A. Bobova, V. Pikalov, D. Khitrov and P. Melnichuk (Moldovan citizen), who were participants of the anti-Maidan in Odessa. The SBU accuses them of creating a spy network that recruited employees of strategic enterprises. Crimean resident V. Galichy spent 520 days in a pre-trial detention center. He became a clerk for the fact that in 2014, as a deputy of the Sevastopol City Council, he voted for the peninsula to be part of the Russian Federation, and then had the imprudence to go to Ukraine to the graves of his parents.

Kirill Vyshinsky at the building of the Court of Appeal of Kiev.

Step to justice. Journalist Kirill Vyshinsky released in Kiev

In Moscow, A. Baranov and M. Odintsov also got off the ramp. The servicemen were stolen on the border with the Crimea and sentenced to 13 and 14 years in prison. Volunteers from the Russian Federation who fought in the Donbass and were taken home returned – V. Ageev, S. Egorov, A. Zhidkikh, A. Sedikov. All terms are from 8 to 11 years. Spouses from Russia O. Kovalis and P. Chernykh were tried before the exchange for creating a terrorist group that supposedly helped the DNI militia. Another “terrorist” arriving is a citizen of the Russian Federation Igor Kimakovsky. He bought food, clothing and building materials for the war-affected areas of Donbass with his own money. In 2015, due to a navigator error, when he was taking a woman with a child to a sanatorium, he drove into Ukrainian territory. S. Gnatiev from Russia was convicted of assaulting the nationalist Regor. The one who, on Victory Day in Kiev, tore the St. George ribbon from the girl Nastya. After a tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014, a citizen of the Russian Federation, Yevgeny Mefyodov, was accused of participating in the riots. The case fell apart, but Mefyodov was immediately accused of an attempt on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Yulia Prosolova from Donetsk received 12 years in prison for blowing up a car with a colonel of the SBU in Mariupol. A. Sattarov, a “golden eagle” from Dnepropetrovsk, is accused of participating in the self-defense of Crimea and capturing the Belbek airfield near Sevastopol. And Andrei Kostenko ended up in prison only because he was confused with the SBU with the full namesake, who was in the DPR army. And even the difference in age of two men at 4 years old did not bother anyone.

Vladimir Tsemakh.

Borisych not needed? Kiev released the "key witness" in the case of MH 17

Also, another iconic Ukrainian prisoner flew to Moscow, whom Kiev considers to be almost a key witness to the disaster of the Boeing MH17, – Vladimir Tsemakh from Donetsk. The former head of the air defense of Snezhnoye in the DNI was kidnapped by Ukrainian intelligence services right from home. Zemakh was tried for participation in a terrorist organization. According to the assurances of President Zelensky, before sending to Zemakh with Russia, all interested persons from all interested countries talked about the Boeing.

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