Volodin called Zelensky’s decree on citizenship for Russians “populism”

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Moscow, August 13 – AiF-Moscow.

The order of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to develop a bill to simplify the procedure for granting citizenship to Russians is "pure populism" and the US State Department is behind it, said State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

Costa Dorada.

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Volodin recalled that at the moment, millions of Ukrainian citizens have migrated to Russia and European countries, up to 3 million Ukrainians work only on Russian territory.

The politician also notes that Ukraine has a low standard of living. According to him, before deciding on the granting of citizenship, the Ukrainian authorities should resolve issues related to employment, preserving the right to their native language, and the possibility of practicing their religion.

“Obviously, the US State Department is behind the decisions,” said the speaker of the lower house of parliament. He is quoted by the State Duma website.

Today, a decree was published on the website of the President of Ukraine, in which Zelensky instructed the Cabinet to create a draft law on a simplified procedure for obtaining citizenship by Russians who are being persecuted for political convictions.



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