US school decides not to paint scandalous murals with Washington

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Moscow, August 14 – AIF-Moscow.

The San Francisco School Council decided not to paint wall paintings in which Russian artist Victor Arnautov depicted the life of the first US President George Washington, according to the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper.

George Washington, portrait.

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Disagreements regarding the wall paintings at the school arose over George Washington depicted on them with slaves and near the murdered Indian.

Opponents of the images declared the insulting character of the frescoes, supporters consider the images to be historically significant.

In June, the council decided to paint over the murals, but then revised its position due to widespread public outcry.

The latter decision to cover or darken the images also did not completely suit both sides.

Critics say frescoes will continue to show racism, while proponents of images talk about censorship of art.

Victor Arnautov – a famous artist, was born in 1896 in Russia, and in 1925 he moved to the United States and became a student of Diego Rivera.



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