Ukrainian Foreign Minister: Kiev has no goal of “making Russia hurt”

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Moscow, September 14 – AIF-Moscow.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristayko said that Moscow will have to take into account the opinion of the new Kiev leadership, writes RIA Novosti.

“We are not afraid of anything. But we will not be likened to bandits, since we comply with international law. ”

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Pristayko explained that the president, parliament and government of Ukraine are a “monolithic force” and act “with one voice” in the interests of the future of the country.

Speaking of sanctions against the Russian Federation, Priestayko noted that the Ukrainian authorities have no goal of "making Russia hurt." He called the goal of Kiev to create a happy life for Ukrainians.

On Friday, September 13, the head of the Ukrainian foreign ministry called the current relations between the countries a "thaw."

Recall that the deterioration of relations between Ukraine and Russia occurred against the backdrop of a military conflict in the Donbass. Kiev has repeatedly accused Moscow of interfering in the country's internal affairs. At the end of January 2015, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada adopted a document according to which Russia is an "aggressor country."

In the Kremlin, all charges are denied and called unacceptable. The Russian side stated that it was not a participant in the intra-Ukrainian conflict and was interested in Kiev overcoming the political and economic crisis.



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