Ukraine has suspended the process of termination of bilateral agreements with Russia

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Moscow, September 11 – AIF-Moscow.

Ukraine has suspended the process of termination of bilateral agreements with the Russian Federation and documents on the CIS, Kommersant reports.

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Kiev has ceased to send notice of termination of contracts to Moscow. The latest bilateral documents that have expired are the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Partnership between the two countries, which was terminated on the initiative of Kiev on April 1 of the current year, as well as the 1995 agreement on the exchange of legal information, which expired last February.

Representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, note that the suspension of this process may be associated with personnel shifts in power, which now may not be before.

According to the agency, the vector of development of relations between Kiev and Moscow will also be determined by what agreements Ukraine will come from in the future – from "outdated" or "iconic" ones.

In total, about 400 documents are in effect between Russia and Ukraine. Last fall, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin announced 48 terminated agreements and announced the denunciation of another 40. From the moment of this speech, the promised agreements were not terminated.

Earlier, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law on the impeachment procedure of the head of state.



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