Trump doesn't believe Israel spied on him

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Moscow, September 13 – AiF-Moscow.

US President Donald Trump said he does not believe reports that Israel was spying on him, RIA Novosti reported.

Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron.

Freaks at the helm. Why do people in the West prefer to choose freaks?

Trump said he does not think that Israel is spying on him, and although everything is possible, it’s actually hard to believe, he added.

Earlier, Politico reported, citing sources in the administration, that the listening devices found in Washington in 2017 were likely to belong to Israel.

It was clarified that the investigation into this telephone wiretapping incident lasted approximately two years, and the investigation established that Israel was most likely behind this.

At the same time, the Israeli Embassy said that the country was not involved in the incident.

Earlier, US leader Donald Trump congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his record tenure as head of government.



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