Trump criticized Muller on Twitter during his congressional speech

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Moscow, July 24 – AIF-Moscow.

US President Donald Trump posted about a dozen messages in his Twitter account criticizing former Special Prosecutor Robert Muller while he testified in Congress.

What kind of report was prepared by ex-director of the FBI Muller and what does it say?

In one of the tweets, Trump recalled that Muller claimed the post of head of the FBI and passed the relevant interview shortly before he headed the investigation into the head of state. He expressed the hope that the ex-special prosecutor would not refute this under oath, since there were many witnesses to that interview, including the vice-president of the country.

In addition, Trump was outraged by the presence at the hearing of the former deputy Muller, whom he called "antitramp-minded." He also wondered why the ex-special prosecutor did not conduct an investigation against Hillary Clinton and the "investigators."

“That is, the Democrats and others may illegally fabricate a crime, try to blame him on an innocent president, and then he begins to fight this illegal and treacherous attack on our country, and they call this an obstruction of justice?” Said Trump.

The final message was written in capital letters by the President of the United States: “Neither collusion nor obstruction!”.

Robert Muller on Wednesday, July 24, speaks with testimony at a hearing in the US Congress. For nearly two years, he conducted an investigation into the alleged Russian interference in the American elections and Trump's conspiracy with Russia. As a result, he confirmed the charges in the first and did not find evidence of the second. Moscow has denied the charges in the so-called interference in the elections, and in collusion with the Trump team, the White House also repeatedly stated that there was no collusion with Russia.

Earlier, Trump said that Muller’s investigation spoiled Russian-American relations.



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