Trump appreciated the decision of the US court to close the case of "Russian intervention"

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Moscow, July 31 – AIF-Moscow.

American President Donald Trump approved the court’s decision to reject the suit of the Democratic Party’s National Committee (NKDP) in the case of Russia's “interference” in the 2016 elections.

Donald Trump.

Redefining the position? Trump changed his mind about the interference of the Russian Federation in the elections in the United States

“This is a really big event. Moreover, we are talking about a very respected judge appointed by (former) President (Bill) Clinton. The witch hunt is over! ”Trump tweeted.

The investigation into the “interference of the Russian Federation” in the presidential campaign began in 2017 and ended in March 2019. According to the NKDP, members of Trump's headquarters allegedly collaborated with representatives of the Russian Federation to disrupt the election campaign of ex-candidate of the Democratic Party in the elections Hillary Clinton.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any accusations of trying to influence elections in other countries. Following the investigation, US special prosecutor Muller concluded that there was no collusion between the Russian Federation and Trump's campaign headquarters.

Earlier, the US president said that the States have no grounds for hostility with Russia.

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