Trump and his wife commemorated the victims of the September 11 attacks

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Moscow, September 11 – AIF-Moscow.

US President Donald Trump and his wife Melanya today attended commemorative events in honor of the victims of the September 11 attacks, the White House said.

What became known after the declassification of the report of the September 11 attacks?

First, the president and the first lady went out to the audience on the lawn of the White House, and after a minute of silence they went to the Pentagon, where Trump delivered a speech. He said his family mourned with the relatives of the victims of the attacks. The president promised that the names of the dead would never be forgotten and told his recollections of the moment when he learned about what had happened.

Commemorative events began early in the morning. Trump ordered to lower the state flags.

Recall that 18 years ago, two passenger planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon, and a fourth hijacked plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Killed about three thousand people.

Earlier, a former CIA analyst, George Bibi, said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had warned US leader George W. Bush about the impending attacks two days before the attack.



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