"Tough year for the Chancellor." German media about Merkel's attacks

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Angela Merkel's health has again attracted widespread attention. At a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne in Berlin, the Chancellor began to shake. This is the third such case in the last three weeks. The first occurred during the visit of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Then the politician explained her bad state of health by intense heat and dehydration. The second attack overtook Angel in front of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. However, Merkel assured journalists that "there is nothing to worry about." After the incident with Rinne, she again repeated this phrase, noting that "she feels well." But what do the Chancellor thinks about this in the media?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel receives new Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne.

"This is definitely not epilepsy." Doctors – about new bouts of Angela Merkel

When the whole world first saw how Merkel could not cope with a strong shudder during the visit of the newly-made President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, journalists immediately began to speculate on what caused the almighty Mrs. Chancellor to not feel well. These fortune telling on the coffee grounds continues to this day, since neither the Angel herself nor the people from her close circle have given a clear answer to the question that concerns everyone.

The weekly information and political magazine Focus in his article “A difficult year for the Chancellor – which could have provoked Merkel’s strange attacks” called at once several possible causes of attacks by the politician. The main version was a psychological state. “… She experienced a year of extreme change. The question “Does she leave or does she remain?” Accompanied her for months, ”writes the publication. It was labeled "lame duck", then praised. Naturally, such “emotional roller coasters” did not add to the health of the 64-year-old Angel. In addition, the death of the mother in April of this year was a strong shock for the Chancellor. Herlind Kasner died at the age of 90. Focus reports that Merkel "was very close to her mother and was able to actively care for her during the last weeks."

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In turn, Die Welt reminded its readers that the next attack that happened to the Chancellor during a meeting with Finnish Prime Minister Antti Rinne is not the third, but the fourth in a row. This means that the health problems began with the politician not this year, but much earlier: “In fact, this is the fourth time that Merkel has to deal with such an attack. Even during a visit to Mexico City at the reception of then-President Enrique Peña Nieto in June 2017, her legs trembled just like they did when they played the national anthem, ”the newspaper writes. The author of the article “Merkel told about her health” also wondered how long the chancellor would be able to stay in her post with regard to her state of health. However, not all readers shared his (in general, fair) concerns. Readers of the publication even condemned the journalist for discussing the health of Mrs. Merkel. “Even a politician should have the right to privacy. Her health is not our business … "- the user wrote under the nickname Harald S.

“The Chancellor is old enough and mature enough to decide for himself when to stop. Many cannot give up power, although body and mind say differently, ”the reader Birgit H shared her thoughts.

Angela Merkel.

Fever or malnutrition? What do doctors say about the health of Angela Merkel

Der Spiegel in the article “The Chancellor’s Trembling Attacks: On and On,” also laid out all the meager information on Merkel’s state at the moment, stressing that it’s unlikely to find out more. In this regard, nothing remains but to believe the official statements of the Angela herself that she feels “good” and “do not worry”: “Merkel does not want to give explanations. Unlike the United States, where traditionally leading politicians present data and important information from their medical records, European politicians are closed. Has Merkel been treated in the past three weeks? Government spokesman Demmer does not want to go into such details, ”reports the publication.

The fact that Merkel’s comments themselves cannot stop the informational hysteria around her attacks is also confirmed by the Süddeutsche Zeitung. One of the columnists of the publication writes: "When Merkel simply assures that everything is in order, this does not reassure the public." The author is convinced that the Chancellor’s medical examination could allay concerns.

While the media decides what happened to Angela Merkel and how to proceed, ordinary Germans wish her a speedy recovery. To the surprise, even those who do not have any sympathy for the politician do so. “Dear Chancellor Merkel, I do not share your policy, I do not agree with almost all your decisions. Nevertheless, I wish you a speedy full recovery, ”wrote one of the users under the nickname Martin C.

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