"This is definitely not epilepsy." Doctors – about new bouts of Angela Merkel

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The situation with the German Chancellor is discussed almost daily. In just the last 30 days, it was covered three times by a wave of uncontrolled minor seizures. The number of diagnoses, which she was given in absentia, has already been exceeding several dozen: from dehydration to diabetes and essential tremor.

Angels words

Angela Merkel herself shows no external concern for her condition. On the contrary, the politician calms everyone down. “You shouldn’t worry about this,” Ms. Chancellor told reporters on July 10, answering their questions about her health. All this happened immediately after her third attack at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Finland Antti Rinne.

#Merkel seen shaking third time within weeks: Reuters TVhttps: //t.co/tjZsHs2xXg pic.twitter.com/aQB6ZFX4Ya

– Yeni Şafak English (@yenisafakEN) July 10, 2019

After the first attack, she noted that "as it appeared, so too will pass." And, in fact, indeed, the attack was the same as it began. The rest of the cases were the same.

Angela Merkel.

Fever or malnutrition? What do doctors say about the health of Angela Merkel


Versions regarding the health of the Chancellor put forward a lot. German media called nervous tension (the Chancellor is known as a true workaholic and has virtually no interruptions in his schedule), Parkinson’s disease (but many doctors refute this), orthostatic tremor and others.

Among the most common assumptions that the Chancellor herself refers to are dehydration and fatigue. We asked the neurologist if the activities in the heat and tight schedule could affect this way. Or do such “shocking” signals about something more serious?

The doctor of medical sciences, neurologist, head of the department of neurology of the MSC of them. A. S. Loginova Daniel Degterev:

– I think that the reasons that are listed are a violation of water and electrolyte balance, that is, dehydration with a violation of sodium, calcium, magnesium ions – as an option may be appropriate. Nervous overstrain can also give such a reaction, especially since the situation is repeated several times already, the press constantly writes about it.

It is difficult to understand the reasons in more detail without a medical history. One thing I can say for sure with regard to more serious pathologies: she definitely does not have epilepsy. Given that she has not lost consciousness, while the convulsions were in the whole body, this is not an epileptic seizure.

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