There’s no such thing as change. “Loyalty” is on the verge of foul.

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Program director of the jubilee “Kinotavr” during the press conference, which announced the films in competition, drew attention to the fact that many selected paintings are dedicated to decaying families. Heroes change each other, quarrel, reconcile – in general, personal life at them appears on rare sated. About cheating told in “Trinity” Jan Ge, the title of the film by Anna Parmas – “Let’s get divorced” – is fully consistent with its content, and “Once in Trubchevsk” Larissa Sadilova also about marital infidelity and what to do with an infidel husband or wife. On the same theme – and the film by Nigina Saifullaeva “Loyalty”.

Съемочная группа фильма режиссера Анны Пармас «Давай разведемся» на премьере фильма. «Кинотавр-2019».

One more time about the divorce. Two recipes for family misfortune.

Lena (Evgeniya Gromova) works as a gynecologist in a hospital of the seaside town, she has a good reputation, many patients, and the chief doctor (Alexey Agranovich) appreciates her very much. She is married to Sergei (Alexander Pal), a local theater actor, who has an important premiere on his nose and who is tormented by disagreements with the director. But Lena is a very disturbing person: she is worried about her husband’s long lack of intimacy and indifference, and when she finds numerous messages in his phone from a colleague of Sergei’s at the theatre, she convinces herself that her husband is cheating on her. She decides to cheat too, goes to all the heavy stuff, and in the end everything becomes very, very difficult. Including in Lena’s relationship with Sergei.

Sayfullaeva’s debut film – “What’s my name” with Alexandra Bortich and Konstantin Lavronenko – five years ago received a special jury diploma at Kinotavr. This year she returned to the festival with her second full meter, speaking on the already familiar for “Kinotavr-2019” theme in the genre of erotic drama.


“From “Odessa” to “French.” What will be shown on “Kinotavr-2019”

The heroine of “Faithfulness” is extremely independent: she herself has invented a reason to change her husband, and herself has changed. Her husband’s opinion seems to be important to her, but not so much as just to talk to him about his suspicions: instead, she is ready to secretly follow the traitor, sacrificing his job and his own psyche. Well, put up with all the charms of casual sex.

Eugenia Gromova in the title role is very organic: she showed on the screen the heroine who is capable of crazy actions, which acts under the influence of the moment and for which the fantasy is as real as real life. This is what causes treason and subsequent problems.

Фильм Нигины Сайфуллаевой «Верность».

Film by Nigina Saifullaeva “Loyalty”. Photo: Still from the film

But the fact is that the plot of “Faithfulness” is similar to everything that has already been shown in the contest of this “Kinotavr”: the religious parable of Yang Gae, and the drama of Parmas, and domestic drama Sadilova. It is curious, that with “Let’s divorce” picture of Sayfullaeva is related even to the profession of the main character. And, perhaps, on “Kinotavr” already showed cheating for a variety of reasons and with a variety of consequences of adultery. But so clearly and so frankly on this topic did not say any of the competitors of “Fidelity”. Perhaps the jury of the festival will also appreciate this frankness.



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