The State Duma commented on Trump's statements about a possible exit from the WTO

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Moscow, August 14 – AIF-Moscow.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov believes that the statements of US President Donald Trump about a possible withdrawal from the WTO are aimed at fulfilling his campaign promises, RIA Novosti reports.

Writer Eduard Poplar.

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According to Novikov, thanks to the power of its growing economy, "China is starting to create a slightly different situation and somewhere even determine the rules of the game."

Therefore, what was good for the United States today is not becoming so obvious.

“Trump in the election campaign positioned himself as a representative of just this part of American society – small business, medium-sized business, provincial America. Therefore, today, Trump, with all his external inconsistency, is more or less punctually fulfilling his election program, ”the deputy believes.

Trump said Wednesday that the United States may withdraw from the World Trade Organization.

According to him, WTO rules only help other countries "use" the United States for their own enrichment.

In addition, the US president called the admission of China to the WTO a “terrible decision”.



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