The short-lived love of Tovstonogov. Why Inna Kondratieva did not become a star

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Acting fate is an unpredictable thing. Only one role can glorify someone, moreover, the one that at the stage of the script looked like a passing one and not too exciting. Others have to work hard and systematically to make their way to fame. The third … but the third, one might say, is unlucky. They, of course, are well-known – work in the theater and in the cinema is doing their job, they remember the actor at least in person, if not by their last name, but genuine adoration does not happen – the chemistry between the artist and the audience does not line up. Or she’s just not allowed to mature.

Not the best distribution

Inna Kondratieva refers rather to the third type. She was born in Grozny in 1924, then the family moved to Khabarovsk; the future actress finished school already during the war and entered the Leningrad Theater Institute, which at that time was evacuated to Novosibirsk; Now it is an Institute of Performing Arts, but for a long time it was known as the Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (LGITMiK), and many famous actors were its graduates. After the institute, Kondratyev was accepted into the troupe of the Leningrad New Theater (later renamed the Lensovet Theater), and this was, perhaps, not the best distribution. The theater in which the young actress found herself was in a fever – after the death of Boris Sushkevich, a student of Stanislavsky, who had headed the New Theater for many years, there was no director who could maintain a high level.

"A genius with whom it is interesting." The main artist of the BDT about George Tovstonogov

After a few years, everything seemed to get better. Nikolai Akimov, delegated from the Comedy Theater, managed to put the theater in order, staged several performances, and even the career of Kondratiev herself seemed to be starting to improve; in “Two Captains” by Vladimir Vengerov, she played a small but noticeable role. But Akimov left, the leapfrog of directors began again in the Lensovet Theater, and in 1958 Kondratyev transferred to the Bolshoi Drama Theater. Gorky. To George Tovstonogov.


The actress always remembered the period of work in the BDT with warmth. There were, perhaps, several reasons. Prestigious theater, good performances, a lot of spectators. Well, the artistic director, who soon became a husband; however, Kondratyev’s personal life was not particularly addressed, and, for example, the fact that this marriage was second to her (the first one seemed to be with Vengerov) was not mentioned almost anywhere. For Tovstonogov, by the way, too – his first wife was actress Salome Kancheli, but they lived with her for only three years.

Inna Kondratyeva, a shot from the film “The City Lights Fire” (1958).

Inna Kondratyeva, a shot from the film “The City Lights Fire” (1958).

Many would have thought that when she married Tovstonogov, Kondratyev grabbed luck by the tail, and now it should have rained from the main roles. But that was not the case. Rather, the roles were given to her, but not the main ones. She played Aglaya in “The Idiot” and the handmaiden Meli in “Aesop” (two of the best BDT performances of the time); among her other works were “Barbarians” by Gorky, “Death of a squadron” by A. Korneychuk, “Fourth” based on the play by Konstantin Simonov. The explanation was simple – there was a lot of competition between the actresses in the theater, at that time Nina Olkhina, Zinaida Sharko, Lyudmila Makarova shone there, and it was very difficult to break through to the top. Even the wife of an art director.

People's Artist of the RSFSR, actress of the Moscow Art Theater named after A.M. Gorky Tatyana Doronina. 1968

The theater is more important than all families. One love and 5 marriages of Tatyana Doronina

In the shadow of Doronina

And then it became impossible to break through. Tovstonogov was brought to the BDT by Tatyana Doronina, who instantly became a prima – she had the best roles, the entire repertoire was tailored specifically for Doronin (they said that five actresses would have to be searched for her replacement). In fact, Kondratiev was left out of work. Apparently, she was acutely worried about this failure, which resulted in a family conflict. The marriage with Tovstonogov broke up in 1962, and Kondratyeva left the theater and left for Moscow. It is curious that after a few years Doronina also left the Bolshoi Drama Theater – she married the playwright Edward Radzinsky and after him moved to the capital. Tovstonogov tried to persuade his lead actress to return, but she did not agree.

For Kondratyev, the period “after Tovstonogov” was, perhaps, calm. She worked at the Yermolova Theater; There were few roles, however, but there were many trips around the country and creative evenings or meetings with the audience. Kondratyev married again – for the employee of the Rosconcert George Bodrovsky, gave birth to a son, Maxim. She was invited to the cinema – not too often, but regularly, and among her works were roles in the films “Baltic Sky”, “Wild Dog Dingo” and “Izhora Battalion”. But in the early 80s, she became seriously ill, stopped acting and went on stage. Inna Kondratyev died in 1985, when she was only sixty years old.

Shot from the feature film “Wild Dog Dingo, or A Tale of First Love”. Tanya’s mother is Inna Kondratieva, Tanya is Galina Polsky. "Class =" sharable_picture "src =" "width =" 100%

Shot from the feature film “Wild Dog Dingo, or A Tale of First Love”. Tanya's mother is Inna Kondratyeva, Tanya is Galina of Poland. Photo: RIA Novosti / Boris Vilenkin
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