The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned the European Union against deploying American missiles

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Moscow, September 10 – AIF-Moscow.

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that Moscow is warning European countries against deploying US medium-range missiles on their territory.

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According to him, Europeans should be interested in preventing the transformation of their continent into a platform for deploying and launching US missiles, RIA Novosti reported.

The diplomat noted that such a placement would jeopardize the territories of countries that "could bow under pressure from Washington."

Grushko emphasized that any deployment of American missiles in the regions in the immediate vicinity of Russia will have strategic importance and will affect the strategic balance, since the flight time is reduced.

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman said earlier that his country, after leaving the INF Treaty, does not plan to deploy medium- and shorter-range missiles in Europe.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the committee of the Federation Council on Foreign Affairs, Konstantin Kosachev, does not consider the ambassador’s words a guarantee of non-deployment of missiles. He noted that it was the INF Treaty that was the only guarantee that there would be no American missiles in Europe.



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