The probability of further destruction of Notre Dame was estimated at 50 per cent

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Вероятность дальнейшего разрушения Нотр-Дама оценили в 50 процентовGlobal Look Press – Vincent Isore, via www.imago-ima

The building of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris, which was damaged by the fire, remains very fragile. The Prior of Notre Dame, Patrick Chauvet, does not rule out the possibility of further collapse.

The rector of the Cathedral told the Associated Press that the probability of complete preservation of the building is only 50 percent. Now it is possible to collapse the forests on three vaults, said the rector. According to his estimates, the cathedral is still very fragile.

Patrick Chauvet noted that to save the structures it is necessary to replace damaged scaffolds, which were installed before the fire. In addition, he said that the restoration works of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris will start in 2021. Before that, specialists will assess the condition of the building.

Earlier it was reported that the French side officially invited Russian restorers to participate in the restoration of the Cathedral. St. Petersburg restorers are sure that the French need a look from the outside.


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