The performer of Buttercup’s role in “The Witcher” called the song about the coin annoying.

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Исполнитель роли Лютика в «Ведьмаке» назвал песню о чеканной монете раздражающей – witchernetflix

Actor Joey Betty, performing the role of Buttercup in the series “The Witch”, spoke about his hatred for the already become a real meme song about the minted coin. According to the artist, it is “one of the most annoying things in his life.

Such recognition the British actor made in an interview with Men’s Health. According to the performer of the role of Buttercup, the song just gets into the brain and it is almost impossible to interrupt something.

The artist noted that the obsessive melody did not leave his head for almost eight months. Cast the series also suffered from a simple song, constantly singing it.

Earlier in the series, starring Henry Cavill spoke about the exhausting diet that he had to follow before filming “The Witch. He had to “dry out” a lot to get the embossed muscles.


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