The level of trust of residents of Ukraine to Zelensky was 65%

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Moscow, July 11 – AIF-Moscow.

Vladimir Zelensky is supported by 65% ​​of the polled residents of Ukraine according to a survey of the Rating Sociological Group, the data are posted on the group's website.

Can Putin meet with Zelensky?

Earlier, the Institute for Analysis and Forecasting published the data of its survey, according to which 68.5% of respondents trust Zelensky.

The level of trust in Vladimir Zelensky, according to Rating, is 65%.

Also among the leaders of political movements, musician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk enjoys a relatively high level of trust – 25%, the leader of the Servant of the People Party Dmitry Razumkov -24%, the former Defense Minister and the leader of the Civic Position party – 23%, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party Yuliya Tymoshenko – 22%, the leader of the party "Opposition Platform – For Life" Yuriy Boyko – 22%.

This list includes Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman and ex-head of the Security Council of Ukraine Igor Smeshko – 20%.

The least trusted are residents of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko – 14% and Viktor Medvedchuk – 12%.

The survey was conducted on July 6-10, 2019 by a method of personal interview throughout the territory of Ukrkaina, with the exception of parts not controlled by Kiev parts of Donbass.

A total of 2 thousand respondents aged 18 years and over were polled.

Earlier it was reported that Nikita Poturayev, advisor to the president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, suggested renaming the Russian language into “Russian”.



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