The girl who doesn’t get old.

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Из-за аномальной болезни 20-летняя Брук Гринберг плохо говорит, сидит в коляске и у нее до сих пор молочные зубы. Девушка весит 7 килограммов и имеет рост 76 см. Она перестала расти примерно в 4-летнем возрасте, а ее история является одной из самых больших загадок в медицине, которую не могут разгадать лучшие врачи в мире.

Since the doctors can’t officially diagnose Brooke, she’s been called “X syndrome.” At the same time, according to the doctors, the girl has no obvious endocrine system disorders, no chromosomal abnormalities or disorders that could cause such developmental problems. However, despite this, doctors are unable to unravel the girl’s history and determine her disease.

It should also be noted that the girl’s whole life is filled with some mysteries and strange diseases. During her whole life she had 7 episodes of opening stomach ulcers, for the treatment of which surgery was necessary. Brooke also had an epileptic seizure, after which she had a stroke, which fortunately did not lead to brain damage.

At 4, she had a lethargic sleep period that lasted 14 days. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, her parents were already preparing to say goodbye to the girl. However, the tumor disappeared without treatment. When one doctor prescribed her hormonal treatment to stimulate her growth, she did not grow a single centimetre and did not add a single kilogram.

Now Brooke is feeding through a tube because her esophagus is very small. The family treats her like an ordinary child and claims she doesn’t need treatment. The doctors believe that by studying Brooke Greenberg’s case, they can answer the question of why people get older and die. The doctors also consider the version that the girl has a genetic mutation that has “turned off” the aging process. Now no one can tell how long she’ll live.


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