Tear off from India and China. Why Trump wants to return Russia to the G7

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Only a few days remain before the G7 summit, which will be held in France in late August. And the closer to hour X, the more often the statements of its participants sound that it would be nice to return Russia to this format. Just yesterday, as part of a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron, the presidents of the two countries allegedly agreed that next year Moscow should be invited to the G7. This is with reference to senior sources in the US administration reports CNN journalist Kylie Atwood. Is Russia ready for such a return? AiF.ru was told by political consultant Anatoly Wasserman.

Natalia Kozhina, AiF.ru: Anatoly Alexandrovich, Trump supported the return of Russia to the G7 format, first during a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Johannis, then in a conversation with Emmanuel Macron. Does this mean some kind of warming in Russian-American relations, or is this another non-binding statement by the US leader?

Anatoly Wasserman: On the one hand, some kind of warming in our relations is a natural consequence of the fact that the attempt to accuse the Russian Federation of interfering in the American elections failed. Now Trump feels freer in the Russian direction.

European Council President Donald Tusk, British Prime Minister Theresa May, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G7 Summit.

Trump is trapping. Does the Russian Federation need to return to the G8?

On the other hand, what does G8 membership give us? An opportunity to discuss any international affairs? And so we discuss them. And we are doing this at the Big Twenty. The difference is that when the G7 was formed, the countries that joined it were responsible for half of the world production, but now they are responsible for only a quarter of the global GDP as a whole, and in the industrial part it is even less, since they brought out a significant amount of their production to regions with cheap labor. Politically, these countries are still important, but given their current position, it makes little sense to us to discuss anything with them. Because of their internal political problems, they, as usual, try to dump them outside, that is, to say that it was not their own turmoil that was to blame, but only external opposition. At the same time, they accuse us of this opposition. What should we discuss in such conditions?

I personally perceived Trump’s proposal as an attempt to tear Russia away from those partners with whom it is really possible to interact constructively.

– What are these partners?

– First of all, it is India, China, a significant part of the countries of Southeast Asia. Say what you like, but human resources are limited, limited working hours, attention and memory. If Vladimir Vladimirovich will spend more time preparing for the G7, he will naturally have less opportunity to work in more promising areas. It makes sense for us to return to negotiations in the G8 format only if it gives us something constructive, and not just the opportunity to chat.

Why is Russia no longer participating in the G8 summits?

– In theory, is returning to the G8 still possible? If yes, then when?

– In theory, it is possible, but, unfortunately, in this case, from theory to practice a very large distance. Perhaps Vladimir Vladimirovich will come up with a way to demand something for his return, but I still do not see such a way.

– Nevertheless, Vladimir Putin does not openly refuse to participate in this format. Why? Does it still come in handy?

– In general, yes. He is a leader, and his words are binding, so he seriously weighs them. In addition, if your opponent has not figured out your game, it will do better. One of the main policy tools is to hide your plans.



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