Shocking results of feeding animals with GM products 

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The results of these studies were simply shocking: the sow that was fed GMOs weighed on average a quarter as much as the female in the control group.

From a biological and statistical point of view, the discovery was significant. Moreover, the first group had an intestinal infection 2.6 times more frequently. It was observed in twenty-two percent of male pigs and forty-two percent of female pigs.

After comparing the two groups, it was found that males were more likely to be affected by genetically modified products. The probability of intestinal infection in females increased by a factor of 2.2; in males, the factor was 4.

Stomach: 1) no inflammation, fed without GMO; 2) strong inflammation, fed with GMO:

The decision to carry out such a study was taken on the basis of complaints from farmers who had been observing digestive and genitourinary problems in pigs for several years. It was found that the number of infertility cases and miscarriages in sows fed on GMOs has increased. In addition, the percentage of piglets born at natural conception has decreased.

There was a high rate of infection of the intestine and small intestine, ulcers, as well as thinning of intestinal walls and hemorrhagic bleeding, i.e. when the animal could bleed out very quickly.

Many of the similar cases that have occurred in the pig industry have now been officially confirmed in scientific work.

Farmer and livestock expert Howard Fleeger, who is also one of the initiators and project managers, was not at all surprised by the results. “Since genetically modified crops appeared in the animal diet, we have seen an increase in digestive and sexual problems. Now this has been scientifically confirmed. Farmers have suffered losses, mainly from the purchase of antibiotics for pigs.

Mortality among livestock has increased, more miscarriages and defects in newborn piglets are being registered. In some cases, individuals become aggressive. And that’s no surprise, given their health condition. In addition, the use of genetically modified products in cattle diets does not bring farmers any profit,” he says.

The head of the project, Dr. Judy Parman says, “Our research is very important for a number of reasons. First, the results were obtained under real rather than laboratory conditions. Secondly, we used pigs. After the slaughter, the pork gets on the shop counters and then on the dining table.

Also, their digestive system is very similar to ours, and we must find out if there are any similar symptoms in humans. Thirdly, we have found that a mixture of genetically modified plants, when digested by the body, forms genetically modified proteins. In this way, we have been able to study their combined effect on the health of individuals.

However, at the moment, no information is given on any of the products in this regard. Our research proves that genetically modified plants should be excluded from the market, regardless of whether the genes are in one type of plant or a mixture of them.


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