Revealed the secret of men’s attractiveness

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Revealed the secret to the attraction of Hollywood’s top female heart thief, Bradley Cooper.

The actor had the sexiest hair in the world. It showed a study conducted by a British hair care company. Bradley conquered the authors of the rating the length of his hair in the movie “Place under the pine trees.

Cooper’s rival was his colleague Ryan Gosling.

But either Gosling’s hair is short (only 7.5 cm) or the secret of attractiveness lies in something else, and he scored twice as few votes (20%).

David Beckham always has stylish hairstyles, and his hair was almost 9 cm long at the time of the vote. But he even lost to Ryan Gosling.

But on the list of the most tattooed selebrity, the ex-football player would certainly have no equal.

It was not only red hair that helped Prince Harry, the most boisterous member of the royal family, get on the list of sexy men.

The military is known to please girls, and Harry has five months of service in Afghanistan in addition to his army haircut.

Closes the five singers of One Direction Harry Stiles.

Since childhood, Harry’s idol was Elvis Presley – a singer who conquered millions not only with his voice but also with his chic hair.


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