Poroshenko was not allowed into the meeting room of the European Parliament

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Moscow, July 19 – AIF-Moscow.

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was not allowed into the meeting room of the European Parliament, RIA Novosti reports.

In the photographs from the event that took place on Wednesday, it is clear that the former Ukrainian head was sent “to the gallery”.

It is noted that in the media there were reports that Poroshenko does not appear in the list of guests invited to the European Parliament on July 17.

Plant Poroshenko. Will the ex-president and his team get real deadlines?

Criminal cases against Poroshenko began to appear with the filing of lawyer Andrei Portnov, who under Yanukovich was the deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine. Now, according to his statement, which is backed up with all the required documents, the State Bureau of Investigation (RRG) has initiated a third case: Poroshenko is accused of money laundering and income legalization at the seizure of the Ukrainian TV channel "Direct". Further.

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