"Naftogaz" is ready to negotiate with Russia on the transit of gas

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Moscow, July 18 – AIF-Moscow.

Naftogaz of Ukraine is ready to negotiate gas transit with Russia. About this on his official Facebook page, said the executive director of the company, Yuri Vitrenko.

Kiev stream. Will Russia keep gas transit through Ukraine?

According to him, at the last trilateral meeting, the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maroš Shefchovic, proposed a variant that corresponds to Europe’s understanding of the economically sound conditions for the transit of Russian gas.

Vitrenko noted that the Ukrainian side fully agrees with this option and is ready to work now on agreements for its implementation, if Russia agrees with it. Otherwise, Naftogaz will wait for counter offers from the Russian Federation.

According to Vitrenko, the parties should conclude an operator agreement on capacities with an annual volume of 90 billion cubic meters of gas, as well as an agreement on reserving capacities with an annual volume of 60 billion cubic meters on average for ten years.

Also, the executive director of the Ukrainian company noted that delaying the time in resolving this issue is not in the interests of one of the parties. Existing contracts for gas transit from the Russian Federation expire at the end of this year.

We note that earlier Moscow’s readiness to negotiate the preservation of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine was announced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.



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