“Kinopoisk” named “Green Book” as the main movie of 2019.

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Experts of “Kinopoisk” named the best picture of 2019 “Green Book”. When analyzing films, they took into account the rating of films and the number of user ratings of the resource for the past 12 months.

About this writes TASS with reference to the press service of “Kinopoisk. Analysts have chosen as the analyzed period of time from December 1 last year to December 1 this year.

Oscar-winning drama Peter Farrelli “Green Book” about an unexpected friendship in spite of everything between the dark-skinned pianist and his Italian driver became not only the leader of the rating “Kinopoisk”, but also one of the most viewed films on “Kinopoisk HD”.

Among the main films of 2019, analysts of the resource included the record-breaking Russian box office “Avengers: Final” and “The Joker”. Both films have over a hundred thousand ratings on the website.

Earlier it was reported that the film critic Yegor Moskvitin told about the main difference between “The Witch” and “Game of Thrones. According to him, the new series is much more like a fairy tale than a cult franchise.


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