Johnson leads the UK prime minister race

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Moscow, June 18 – AIF-Moscow.

On Tuesday, the second round of elections was held for the post of the new head of the Conservative Party and the future Prime Minister of Great Britain, RIA Novosti reports.

Who will be the British Prime Minister after May’s resignation?

The leader was former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who collected 126 votes of deputies. In second place was British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. He scored 46 votes. Former Brexit Affairs Minister Dominic Raab dropped out of the race and was unable to get 10% of the vote. Michael Gove received 41 votes, 37 deputies voted for Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid received 33 votes.

In the evening, candidates who will continue to struggle will take part in televised debates. By the way, Johnson did not come to the debates that took place on the eve of the second round. It is expected that the elections will end in the second half of July.

According to the results of the first round of voting, held among members of the Tories in the House of Commons of the British Parliament on June 13, seven out of ten candidates for the post of leader of the Conservative Party and the British Prime Minister entered the second round. Surveys have shown that British residents consider Boris Johnson to be the strongest candidate for the post of prime minister.



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