Italian Deputy Prime Minister faces a fine of up to € 250 thousand for posting photos on Twitter

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Moscow, August 13 – AiF-Moscow.

The Frankfurt Land Court admitted that the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister of Italy, Matteo Salvini, violated the rights of German photographer Friedhold Ulonska, according to the newspaper Schwabisches Tagblatt.

Tanker Elhiblu.

Raise the Jolly Roger! How illegal migrants become pirates

The politician published a photograph of the German photographer on his Twitter, in connection with which he could face a fine of up to € 250 thousand or an administrative arrest for up to six months.

We are talking about a photo that depicts the operator of the Sea Watch vessel, Zoren Moe, whose photo is combined with images of Captain Karola Rakete and the vessel itself.

In a post dated June 28, to which the photo is attached, Salvini sneers at Sea Watch crew members.

The vessel on June 12, under the command of Rocket, delivered three migrants to the Italian port, for which the captain was placed under house arrest.

Later, Rocket was released after the removal of charges of resistance to the military box, but she is still accused of aiding illegal migration.

The photographer said that Salvini had previously published without permission photos of his authorship, intended to promote human rights defenders from Sea Watch.

Earlier, Italian Deputy Prime Minister suggested that Richard Gere take migrants to Hollywood.



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