In Kiev, it was proposed to exclude from the textbooks references to friendship with Russia

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Moscow, September 14 – AIF-Moscow.

The head of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine Anna Novosad made a proposal to exclude from the textbooks any mention of the friendship of Kiev with Moscow, writes TASS.

Vladimir Zelensky.

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Novosad made a statement during her speech at the Yalta European Strategy Forum (YES), which is being held in the Ukrainian capital.

She explained that five years ago a revolution took place in the country that changed the political identity of its citizens, as well as the consciousness of the entire Ukrainian society. Novosad noted that many textbooks still contain information that the Russian Federation is a friendly country for Ukraine. The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education called Russia "the enemy" and called for appropriate changes to the school curriculum and directly to textbooks.

According to Novosad, the school system in Ukraine inherited "Soviet negatives." The Minister of Education of Ukraine said that relations between teachers, students and parents are “built on fear”. According to her, only by removing this fear will it be possible to educate successful citizens of Ukraine in schools.

She called school reform one of the key tasks as head of the Ministry of Education. According to Novosad, it is necessary to cultivate the creative abilities of students, as well as their feelings of their own subjectivity. At the same time, the minister called for the practice of Western countries.

Recall that in July last year, school principals of the Dnieper were threatened with dismissals for "love of Russia." The mayor of the city, Boris Filatov, said that the administration prepared a dossier for each of the heads of educational institutions. According to the data received, about 30% of representatives of school administrations supported "separatist sentiments, despised their own country and loved the neighboring state very much."

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