"I'm a blockade." How Olga Buzova is following on Instagram

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It seems that Olga Buzova surpassed herself in the ability to hype. A flurry of criticism fell on the singer due to the fact that she posted on Instagram a video on which she sits at a table in a swimsuit, licks a plate, and at the end says "I'm a blockade." This unfunny joke was not appreciated by the star’s subscribers or her show business colleagues. In particular, the artist was criticized by Ilya Reznik, Joseph Prigozhin, Mikhail Boyarsky and Vasily Lanovoi. Only mother stood up for Olga. Irina Buzova told the media that her parents, in fact, survived the blockade and licking dishes in their family was a common thing: “In the same way, dad and I liked to lick dishes, and dad kept joking that the experience was transmitted in genes. What is this? ”, The parent of the star told REN TV reporters. Of course, the story of the “blockade” is not the first and not the last scandal in the life of Olga Buzova. How else "distinguished" the insta-diva in their social networks, says AiF.ru.

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Caught Generally, I'm a lady but at home – you can put a smiley on who also does

Publication by Olga Buzova (@ buzova86) Aug 13, 2019 at 12:13 pm PDT

Showdown with Sobchak

In one of the episodes of Caution Sobchak, Ksenia Anatolyevna told her glamorous friends how one “fashion designer” allegedly addressed her with an unusual request: “Listen, you can ask Buzova not to wear our leather jacket, because we we don’t want to, she wears and writes our brand everywhere, ”the TV presenter shared“ secret ”. It would seem that no one gave any names and surnames, but this did not stop Olga Igorevna from drawing far-reaching conclusions and “exposing” that same “fashion designer”. According to the singer, Sobchak had in mind the creative director of the Balenciaga fashion house, Demna Gvasalia. The insulted institution devoted a whole post to him, where she said that she “wants to return” to the offender the things of the brand that he represents, namely the jacket bought in Madrid for 300 thousand rubles, and sneakers for 60 thousand. Sobchak, in turn, tried to save the reputation of Gvasalia and also wrote a long post, urging Olga to apologize for spreading “stupid accusations”, but it was too late. The singer and her multi-million army of subscribers made conclusions who is right and who is to blame.
Olga Buzova.
Buzovedenie. How the "empire" of Olga Buzova is being built

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Passion around the giva

At the end of 2018, instances of fraud appeared against the insta-diva. The fact is that Olga became the advertising person of giva (a raffle in which subscribers must fulfill a number of conditions in order to receive a prize – approx. The winner was waiting for a business-class car worth several million rubles. In order to become the owner of a luxurious (and most importantly free) gift, you just had to subscribe to the bloggers who sponsored the entire event. According to media reports, each of them posted from 50 to 100 thousand rubles for their participation. As a result, an impressive amount was accumulated – 12 million. The scheme is standard: bloggers invest in the game in rubles and get subscribers for it.

When the giv was nearing completion, the most interesting thing began, a number of sponsors accused the girl of not having received the promised audience growth, although Olga paid the money. To save his reputation, Buzova had to turn to Sergey Zhorin for help. By the way, Katya Gordon stood up to protect the “victims”.

The singer’s lawyer was quick enough to prove that all the noise around this situation was created artificially in order to discredit the name of his client. And in late October, Buzova personally handed the keys to the new car to a resident of the Vladimir region named Lyubov.
Olga Buzova.
You can’t hide from her. 10 interesting facts from the life of Olga Buzova

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On style

Often, in order to “hype” and become the heroine of the media, Olga generally does not need to speak or write any nonsense. Simply put the photo in a swimsuit (the desired angle is welcome) or some strange clothes. For example, many fans of the star still can not move away from her "walks" around the city in light green bikes, a top (more like a bra from a swimsuit) and some kind of transparent peignoir. And although later it turned out that this was just one of the outfits for the video with Timur Batrutdinov for the song “Very Good”, which “stars” didn’t hear “compliments”: “What a vulgar thing from the 90s,” “Horror,” “What a scarecrow!” Wrote indignant subscribers. But, as Olga Igorevna likes to repeat, “Dogs bark – the caravan goes.” So she reached the “blockade”.

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