"Humanity needs the guilty." Lev Novozhenov on why they poison Russia

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And fly to Mars

Olga Shablinskaya, “AIF”: Lev Yuryevich, you wrote on the social network: “After the 91st year, I already thought that Russia was not capable of anything, but when she elected Trump and poisoned Skripaley, I realized that we were on Mars able to fly. " Why is it that all dogs are hung on Russia?

Leo Novozhenov: Humanity always chooses the bad ones – in order to find the guilty. This role was played by Jews, Communists, Arabs, and more recently, Russians.

“But why does America take Russians so bad for so long?”

– If you compare them with the Jews, it’s not so long – Jews go bad for thousands of years, and Russians – for some decades. And I would not say that only America. This sport – scandals with doping, with the inadmissibility of our Paralympic athletes before the competition – and the economy and the army. A lot of everything! A picture of outright persecution of Russia is emerging. And I am very concerned that many inside Russia are connected to this persecution.

Alexey Serebryakov.

"Strength, arrogance and rudeness." What does Alexei Serebryakov not say?

– Even cultural figures were divided into two polar camps. Nikolai Gubenko, Vasily Livanov talk about the confrontation between Russia and the West. And actor Alexei Serebryakov objects to them: “We ourselves invented this war. Great stupidity! Nobody threatens anyone. ”

– Well, everything is clear here! Serebryakov does not connect his future with Russia, judging by how he lives. He comes here and earns on a rotational basis. With Gubenko, the opposite is true. He's not going to leave here. He has been leading the theater for many years. Moreover, this is the last Minister of Culture of the USSR, he cares about what is happening in culture.

By the way, you remembered about 1991. And there is 2014. He is also a milestone, because this year we quarreled with Ukraine. This is also an important moment of bullying Russia. First, Ukraine was torn off in a boorish manner, then – the completely obvious pouring of gasoline into the fire of Russian-Ukrainian relations. And the civil war began in Ukraine, moreover, of a nationalist nature, because those who resisted the Kiev regime were clearly associated with Russia, with Russians. The constitution of Ukraine contains the goal of joining NATO’s military-political bloc. But why does NATO exist? To confront Russia first of all! Russia is among the main geopolitical rivals – in particular, America. Therefore, talk that no one is fighting with Russia, no one needs it, live calmly, there is nothing to do with you, they are ridiculous.

Movement to the "epicenter of war." Ukraine will become the main ally of the United States?

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Scatter and reel everywhere

“The most difficult language is Russian: nobody understands anyone,” you say. Why, against the backdrop of an external threat, will we not unite within the country?

– On the one hand, this is not unique to Russia. There are confusion and vacillation, schism, and contradictions in many leading countries of the world: in America – in connection with Trump's choice, in Great Britain – in connection with Brexit, and in Europe in general in connection with the invasion of migrants. Each episode individually may not mean anything, but when these episodes take shape, the conclusions openly suggest themselves: humanity is at a global impasse.

Until recently, mankind lived with the idea: married – you need to carry this cross to the end of life. Do not abandon children, answer for them, raise them. And now, in what direction are ideas that are called liberal? That you can change everything, refuse, repaint as you like – today there are some principles, tomorrow others, the third day after tomorrow. And this is all called freedom. Give freedom! In everything! This is the global global conflict. Great Britain was in the European Union yesterday, but not today. The Soviet Union was yesterday, and today it is no longer there.

Notre Dame de Gorey. Historian – about the fire, which became a symbol of the crisis of the West

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– And how did you react to the collapse of the USSR?

– I was happy. But now I doubt whether it was good or bad.

Journalists – and I was a journalist – then received a lot of opportunities that they did not have. More freedom appeared in the expression of one’s thoughts, the importance of the profession grew. And then everything began to be revised again – and the story first of all. Idols began to overthrow from the pedestals – as always happens during revolutions. “Throw Pushkin off the ship of modernity” is Mayakovsky’s famous phrase. But here, this formula has become a fact of everyday life: let’s drop Pushkin, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya, Marshal Zhukov. What happened in the end? As a result, the desert began to form … Some realized that it’s impossible, everything can be destroyed to the ground, as after 1917. And some continue to engage in destruction.

Michael Weller.

Why are there more and more people who consider perestroika a mistake?

In the USSR, we thought that everything was evil from the Communists. Communism will win the Western democracy – and that’s it, paradise will come on earth. There is no communism, an article of the Constitution has been repealed, where the role of the CPSU was the leading one, there is no Soviet Union – but all the same everything is bad. As a result of independence, wars began first on the outskirts of the USSR. Then – in different parts of the world, where they were initiated by the Americans. The bombing of Yugoslavia – where is it seen that so many years after the Second World War in the center of Europe began to bomb the capital of the country? In the Balkans, through one you will meet people for whom Milosevic, if not an idol, then a respected person. Suddenly it became obvious: everything was not quite as it seemed to us. We, the citizens of the Soviet Union.

Russia has its own specific experience of revolutions, civil wars, riots. And we live these memories. That revolution is blood, sacrifice, devastation. Even to the post-Soviet generation, these narratives about the heroes of the revolution, about people who performed feats in the name of the motherland, who sacrificed themselves, were transmitted through parents, grandfathers and grandmothers. But still there are those who do not understand that today is a different time. That the 1917th cannot be repeated, because you are not they, you are completely different people and live in a completely different historical reality.



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