How many "wolves" do not sing … Chansonnier Michael Circle was killed by criminals

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The murder of Mikhail Krug, the most famous Russian chanson artist, has been officially revealed. It is reported by the Investigative Committee of Russia.

“The investigating authorities of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Tver Region, thanks to a complex of investigative actions carried out with accomplices and witnesses of the crime, managed to establish in great detail the whole picture of the murder in Tver 17 years ago of the murder of singer Mikhail Vorobyov, known to the general public under the stage name“ Mikhail Krug ” , – said in a statement posted on the agency’s website.

The face of the "Russian chanson"

Mikhail Vorobyov began his career in the genre of classical author’s song. The idol of his youth was Vladimir Vysotsky. In the early 1990s, the musician, who took the pseudonym Michael Krug, began to pay more attention to songs that are commonly called thieves. Despite the fact that he himself had never been in prison, and the criminal expressions he had learned from the special directory for police officers, songs related to crime, the “zone”, etc. things became his calling card.

The Song of the Circle “Vladimir Central” is still considered the most famous work in the genre of “Russian chanson”.

The musician was popular both among ordinary audiences and in the criminal environment. It was believed that the respect of "thieves in law" guarantees him safety from robberies, thefts and other similar criminal encroachments.


But on the night of July 1, 2002, unknown persons entered the singer’s house, located in Tver, in the Mamulino microdistrict. On the third floor, they stumbled upon the mother-in-law of the Circle and attacked her, causing her bodily harm. The cries of a woman came running Circle with his wife Irina. The bandits opened fire on them. Irina Krug managed to hide, and the musician himself received two serious gunshot wounds. The criminals fled. A neighbor took Mikhail Krug to the hospital, but there, despite all the efforts of the doctors, the singer died.

There were many versions of the one who was behind the murder of the singer. However, for many years the case remained unsolved.

In 2019, several times it was reported that law enforcement authorities managed to figure out what happened seventeen years ago. However, to date, the formal disclosure of the case has not been confirmed.

“At the initial stage of the investigation, it was found that on June 30, 2002, on the day of the celebration of the city of Tver in the evening, two men secretly entered the house of Mikhail Krug, located in the village of Mamulino of the regional center, and robbed one of them. In hot pursuit, in 2002, this crime committed in conditions of non-obviousness was unsuccessful due to the lack of direct witnesses and the insufficient evidence obtained, the official website of the Investigative Committee says. “When investigating the materials of the criminal case, investigators of the Investigative Committee carried out tremendous work to restore the smallest details of the crime. After a long time, the persons interrogated during the investigation could no longer reproduce the details of what happened on the night of July 1, 2002. The investigation worked out various versions, including that the Circle had personal conflicts, a mercenary motive for committing a crime, as well as the commission of a crime by persons previously convicted and drug addicts. ”
Famous Chansonnier Michael Krug
The murder was not included in the plans? What promises a new turn in the case of Michael Krug

More details

Bloody wolves

In the late 2010s, law enforcement agencies defeated the organized criminal group "Tver Wolves", whose members in 2002-2006 committed a series of contract killings.

The founders of the group, Alexander Kostenko, nicknamed “Lom,” and Anatoly Osipov, nicknamed “Wolf,” died earlier – their rivals in the criminal business dealt with them.

In October 2009, the Tver Regional Court sentenced gang members Alexander Osipov, Alexander Ageev and Dmitry Baskakov to life imprisonment.

At the investigation stage, the involvement of the Tver Wolves in the murder of Mikhail Krug was checked, but the criminals categorically denied any involvement in the high-profile crime.

However, in 2019, the investigation had additional information that allowed it to get things off the ground.

Osipov and Ageev were delivered to places of detention in the Tverskoy pre-trial detention center.

“The investigators were able to establish psychological contact with these individuals, as a result of which Alexander Ageev confessed to the attack together with another gang member Dmitry Veselov on the house of Mikhail Krug,” the ICR official website reports.

Crime ordered "Scrap". They didn’t plan to kill the circle, they wanted to make him pay

The murder of the singer was not planned. Ageev and Veselov performed the task of Alexander Kostenko, nicknamed "Scrap". According to his idea, the henchmen were supposed to get into the house of the musician when his home was not there.

“The accomplices intended only to steal antiques and valuables from there, and then leave the place of theft. According to the plan of the customer, Mikhail Krug, having discovered the fact of theft of his property, will turn to him for help, he will “find” the stolen, after which the singer will become obligated to him and will pay part of the fees from concert activities, ”the message on the Investigative’s website says. committee.

But the Circle with the family returned earlier than expected, and the criminals were taken by surprise. First, Veselov attacked Krug’s mother-in-law, and then, when the musician himself hastened to help her, the bandit shot him with a TT pistol twice. The wounds were fatal.

Ageev and Veselov fled the scene. But another member of the gang, Alexander Osipov, became aware of what happened. In March 2003, Osipov dealt with Veselov.
Irina Krug.
Fatal night. How Irina Krug lives after her husband’s death

More details

A fan of his work shot the killer of a chansonnier

According to the investigation, Alexander Osipov was familiar with the singer and was a fan of his work and, having learned that Dmitry Veselov was guilty of the death of the Circle, shot the latter in a forest in the Kimrsky District of the Tver Region.

“Investigators of the regional Investigative Committee of Russia and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Tver Region carried out a series of investigative actions and operational-search measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the crime,” the official website of the Investigative Committee says, “So, the testimonies of Alexander Ageev were fully verified and found objective evidence collected evidence in a criminal case, testimonies of other persons who are logical, consistent, interconnected and reflect the whole picture of the incident, inspection reports ditch, other investigative actions, conclusions of forensic examinations and specialists. ”

In connection with the death of Dmitry Veselov, the investigation decided to terminate the criminal case and criminal prosecution.



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