Double mat "Rustavi-2". What does the Georgian TV channel want?

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In not very distant times, Georgia was perceived as a country where they know the price of the word. In a small but proud republic, beautiful toasts were appreciated and were very sensitive about these promises. Insults and rudeness were not welcomed, and the transition to battle for close relatives was considered to be sacrilege at all.

“I wanted to spit on Borjomi and wine”

Apparently, good old Georgia has sunk into oblivion. Today, the country has become famous for its selective public obscene language, from which even Sergey Shnurov can blush.

Near the building of the TV channel "Rustavi-2" in Tbilisi.

“Goat, I am his mother too!” Georgia is outraged by the journalist who put Putin on

The passions associated with the obscene performance on the TV channel Rustavi-2 by journalist Georgy Gabunia did not have time to calm down, as his immediate superior, general director of the TV channel Nika Gvaramia, was “distinguished”. In the program “Accents”, published on “Rustavi-2”, Gvaramiya said: “I wanted to spit on Borjomi and wine. What does it mean, we have to say that Putin is good so that someone can import Borzhomi, wine and Nabeglavi into Russia? I wanted to piss on all three, I do not care. I am very sorry, but we are a country or a shopping facility? Bring down and sell in Ukraine … We are almost forbidden to express an opinion, so long as your Borjomi would go there. Get down to Ukraine and sell this Borjomi there ”.

President’s “Revolutionary” Channel

In his speech, the general director of the channel also used obscene words. Obviously, profanity becomes the hallmark of "Rustavi-2". The agency Sputnik Georgia, citing attorney George Kavlashvili, reports that the co-owner of Rustavi-2, Nino Nizharadze, after Gvaramiya’s speech demanded his dismissal. However, the remaining co-owners of the channel said that Gvaramiya will remain at his post.

Earlier, Nika Gvaramiya, commenting on Gabunia’s broadcast with obscene insults to Vladimir Putin and his late parents, said that he did not agree with the journalist on the form, but essentially supported him. Gabunia, by the way, according to the decision of the TV channel, was suspended from the air, but not fired.

Shame on the air. As a journalist, Gabunia tramples Georgia into mud.

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Rustavi-2 was considered a “revolutionary” channel in the early 2000s. It was there that all the marches and rallies of the opposition were broadcast, culminating in the so-called “Rose Revolution”, as a result of which Eduard Shevardnadze was overthrown, and Mikhail Saakashvili replaced him. Saakashvili helped the channel when in 2004 he was on the verge of bankruptcy. Over time, “Rustavi-2” was openly called the resource working for Mishiko.

In 2007, Gela Vasadze on the Georgia Online portal wrote: “It is absolutely clear that the degradation of Rustavi-2 to the level of what you will do is the merit of the authorities.” Alexander Iashvili in Izvestia was even sharper: “Immediately after the Rose Revolution, Rustavi-2 was called the television of the victorious people.” Now the channel is perceived only as Brezhnev's television … Political programs have long disappeared from the air, the place of which was taken by tasteless entertainment programs. And the stories about the life and work of Saakashvili would be envied by Stalin himself at the height of the personality cult. ”

Even Saakashvili’s departure from the presidency did not change anything in his relationship with Rustavi-2. And it is not surprising, since the channel since 2012 is headed by Nika Gvaramiya.

Streets of Tbilisi.

“The Russians ate our khinkals!” Why are Georgia and Russia not reconciled?

In 2004-2007, 43-year-old Gvaramiya was a member of the Georgian parliament from the United National Movement party, which was ruling in the time of Mikhail Saakashvili. Moreover, during the presidency, Mishiko Gvaramia managed to work as Deputy Prosecutor General of Georgia, Minister of Justice, as well as Minister of Education and Science.

It is not surprising that under the leadership of Nika Gvaramiya, Rustavi-2 continues to be the mouthpiece of Saakashvili, who does not lose hope of returning to power in Georgia. Mishiko works on two fronts, trying to break through to the heights of power both in his homeland and in Ukraine.

Aggravation game

Saakashvili clearly counted on the current crisis, which began with protests against the presence of the Russian parliamentarian within the walls of the Georgian parliament: he called on his supporters for indefinite protests.

But at some point, the protest began to noticeably run out of steam, and the news about the decision of the Russian authorities to stop the flight connection with Georgia greatly upset a huge mass of residents, of the republic, working in the field of tourism. And just at that moment, “Rustavi-2” decided to play for aggravation, releasing Gabunia on the air. The calculation, obviously, was on a sharp response from Moscow and general destabilization in the republic. The likelihood that the swearing opus was an initiative of Gabunia himself tends to zero. Actually, the fact that a journalist who violated all the norms of professional ethics was not dismissed, says that his boss was at least informed about the upcoming action.

"Without the Russians, there will be no development." Experts on the conflict in Georgia

The editor-in-chief of the Georgian information and analytical agency Gruzinform, Arno Khidirbegishvili, in an interview with the Daily Storm said that Gabunia’s speech was written by Mikhail Saakashvili: “This is provoked by him, this is his television company, which does not do anything without his knowledge credible information that the frigid monologue of TV host Gabunia was written by Mikhail Saakashvili. ”

It is obvious that the result from the passage of Gabunia turned out to be not quite what the initiators hoped for. The rude speech of Gvaramiya himself can be either an attempt to pour gasoline into the fire, or simply irritation due to the fact that the plan did not work. Over the past, Gvaramia has been particularly offended given the fact that he is a member of the “What? Where? When?".

Nika Gvaramiya allows himself a lot, because he is confident: powerful people will not allow him to be fired, no matter what he allows himself. As a result, both Gvaramiya and Gabunia feel great. They do not disgrace, Georgia disgrace.



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