Blair calls for new referendum to break Brexit crisis

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Moscow, September 10 – AIF-Moscow.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that only a second referendum on EU membership, and not early parliamentary elections, will be able to resolve the crisis around Brexit. About this writes RIA Novosti.

Is it true that the new prime minister of Britain has Russian roots?

On the eve of the British Parliament has repeatedly rejected the proposal of the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson to hold early general elections. Initially, he stated that he did not want the elections, but first made a proposal to hold them when the parliament, contrary to his calls, changed the agenda for urgent consideration of the bill aimed at preventing the country from leaving the European Union on October 31 without an agreement.

“It’s incorrect, in principle, to associate parliamentary elections with the Brexit private issue. If Britain holds elections during the Brexit period, topics and issues that should be shared will be mixed, ”Blair said in a speech today at King`s College in London. – Boris Johnson thinks this way: “If I start to seek elections during Brexit, I’ll tell people that they will either get out of the EU without a deal or (Labor leader) Jeremy Corbin (as the next Prime Minister).” You may end up in an extremely strange situation. ”

The ex-prime minister believes that a referendum is needed to resolve the dispute over Brexit, while the election’s task is to address broader issues.

The situation around the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU was at an impasse, as Parliament opposed the agreement with the European Union in its current form and at the same time was categorically opposed to Brexit without an agreement. Brussels refuses to resume negotiations and revise the agreement. Johnson insists that Britain will leave the EU on time, that is, October 31, with or without agreement. A meeting of the European Council is scheduled for October 17-18, which will be the last opportunity for Brussels and London to agree before the Brexit deadline.

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