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Hello dear blog readers! My name is Monique R. Sanchez.

We are all very different and do not resemble each other. We have different interests and hobbies, different professions, different views on life and different rhythms of life. But each of us has a place where we would always like to return, where you can just relax, relax, be yourself. And it unites us.

I admit honestly, I really want the newly-born project “The Subtleties of Economy” to become such a nice and cozy home for everyone who visits it. And I will try to always be warm and comfortable here and everyone will find something interesting and useful for themselves.

I love to travel, read books, watch good movies, meet friends, knit all sorts of interesting things and do something with my own hands.

And I am constantly learning (and, I think, I will do it always). I learn to live, as I like, I learn to look at many things and events in a new way, without regard to authority and someone’s opinion, I learn to make my life more interesting and happier, regardless of circumstances and the state of the bank account. And about everything that is interesting to me, I will write in this blog.

I hope for your help and your advice. After all, it is you, his readers, who make the blog better, more interesting and fill it with life. I wish you a pleasant journey through the pages of your blog, positive emotions and useful information.