A man running on hot lava

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A day ago, an unusual video was uploaded online. Within a 40-second clip, a man is running through a lava stream erupted by Sicilian volcano Etna. The footage is being filmed by his friend watching from the outside. In the last step, the right leg of the desperate man almost fell into the hot lava.

This video came to the scientists’ eyes and they wondered if it was possible without significant health consequences.  After analyzing the video, geophysicists concluded that it was possible to walk on lava.

Eric Clemetti, from Denise University in Ohio, explained in his blog that when boiling lava is on the surface and comes into contact with cold air, the crust that you can walk through is formed very quickly. And while lava continues to flow, its density is higher than that of water, so it can withstand slight pressure, Clemetti said.

Clemetti says that if this had happened, the man’s leg would have been burned almost instantly because of the high flow temperature. On his blog, a scientist said: “Looking at the lava flow, I’ve come to the conclusion that the dark crust temperature is quite low. My opinion is based on the color of the crust and the speed of the flow. Actually, it’s not lava, but aa-lava, which by its nature is even more viscous”.


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