Yulia Menshova spoke about the harsh methods of educating father

Yulia Menshova spoke about the harsh methods of educating father

Yuliya Menshova

The host of the TV program “Tonight” Yulia Menshova grew up in a family of actors. Dad Vladimir Menshov and her mother Vera Alentova was afraid that because of their fame, the daughter will be spoiled and dependent. Well-known Director not only conducted educational talks with her daughter and sent her to work for the summer holidays.

“My dad was very concerned about this issue.” My mom became popular when they were around 40. Precedents of fame before the family. Dad with great hostility belonged to a social group called Golden Youth, and his greatest horror was the thought of her ever to join. success of their parents, emphasizing that I have yet to prove their worth, in addition, he wanted me to recognize life as well as possible. and I was placed under the Astrakhan to his own sister-teacher. “And there I was along with all the pupils (there was an absolute obligation) worked by the month for weeding the tomatoes on the farm,” said Menchov.

Yulia Menshova spoke about the harsh methods of educating fatherYulia Menshova tried to work as a teenager

In those days, you could go to the dance. Now Menchov said of such travel to Astrakhan with gratitude. She recalls that such therapy not only helped her to become independent, but also expanded understanding of the country.

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“I am aware of the difference: Moscow and the country.” And it was an important understanding. , serious. “What all city people do not know or avoid.” But tomatoes, for example, is all love. “And so someone has to plant, weed and gather.” And communication in that environment was very important to me. Relatively speaking, not only humor, but also the ideology of the meme from the Internet, where a photograph of the miners, coming in the night of slaughter, signed: “I fully understand in adolescence And the Golden Youth evoked in me a deep disrespect. So dad’s educational plan failed, “shared Julia.

Educating their children, Julia never went on about them. That is why the daughter and son were no different from other children. “I believed in the right to search” is not an elite school, and good, but in our area. “So the children did not go a long way with a driver and was in the confined circle yard and school. I never gave them to the hands of the money just. on their own, completely from us. “We will stand, we will support, we will support, but the point is that it’s much more interesting to live,” Julia shared in an interview with “TV Program”.

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