You got the wrong guy: host of “Culture” in favor of Yuri Dude

A leading TV channel “Culture”, which was previously made fun of Yuri Dude, commented on the words of the journalist. Vladislav Flyarkovsky said that he was “nice and underlined the interest of the team to his work.” In addition, he noted that he felt the replica Dude “alertness”.

The reason for the jokes was an interview. Flyarkovsky with Vladimir Mashkov, previously aired. The conversation of the journalist with the actor called “cartoon”. Many commented on the fact that the host of “Culture” posed questions feigned tone, constantly praising the artist, and Mashkov gave no less dramatic, expressive responses to their conversation resembled a theatrical production.

Later Dude commented on an interview of the actor: “Everyone who is relevant to interview and do journalism, you should leave the profession.” Better this video has nothing to do! “

Interview Mashkov continues to be the center of attention of the public. Meanwhile, on April 24, Vladimir took the post of the Director of “Snuff”. Almost immediately after the official appointment, Mashkov proposed to the theater of the theater (Theater of Oleg Tabakov). His candidacy to this post, by the way, supported and Marina Zudina, the widow of Oleg Pavlovich. “I believe that Vladimir Lvovich made a very male thing to assume such responsibility.” I really is a fundamental change in his life. “Mashkov self-sufficient person, a famous actor, he had a lot of their plans that he wanted realized. do not think Volodya some time ago, in thinking on this topic and was going to change my life. “In General, his life took a sharp turn.” This is really a new vital stage, “said Zudina in an interview.

You got the wrong guy: host of "Culture" in favor of Yuri DudePotap shamed for “insulting” congratulations Nastya Kamenskih

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