Xenia Alferova is on vacation

Xenia Alferova is on vacationFrank shot caused a resonance in the web

A few days ago, Xenia Alferova went to rest in the resort city of Miami Beach in the US state of Florida. The actress actively shares with the fans bright shots from the trip.

It is worth noting that the artist rarely puts on the web candid pictures. However, this time the celebrity decided to show the fans the ideal figure in a swimsuit.

“Dolce Vita is in full swing! I feel like the heroine of some film about a beautiful life! Although I constantly make sure that if there is no harmony within the interior, then the most chic scenery will not help! The wind, by the way, is so strong today that I did not crash into the water, carefully posing! I want to send beauty to you through the ocean, so that the one who is sad and unhappy today, smiled! Everything will be fine! Your Ksyusha! “- signed a picture of Xenia.

Xenia Alferova is on vacationThe actress was not afraid of a strong wind

“Pretty Woman!”, “Thank you for the positive, for the wonderful photo, we from Ekaterinburg can only be happy for you”, “Thank you!”, “Xenia, be sure to visit Orlando!”, “Thank you for the warmth and such enthusiastic mood” fans of Xenia …

The actress has repeatedly told in an interview that she is actively engaged in charity. Xenia is happy in her marriage with Egor Beroev. The star couple brings up daughter Evdokia, together they help children with developmental features. As Alferov admitted, as a child, her public profession annoyed her. She did not want to follow in the footsteps of the famous mother Irina Alferova. Even the debut on the set, little Ksusha failed miserably.

“Apparently, I had nowhere to go. So Mom took me to the shooting. In the picture, she needed a girl. We shot it in a glass porch, someone stood looking, I was shy about it … And I can not play with my parents. In the first shoots, my mother brought me to tears, “Alferova, the youngest, confessed.

The famous mother did not insist that Ksenia choose a public profession. Therefore, after school, Alferova, the youngest, entered the legal academy. During her studies, Xenia decided not to leave acting. She came up with a hobby for the weekend.

“I went to the samples for different projects. I was free, I studied law! And without excitement passed all the stages of selection. No actor could do that, “Alferova admitted. As a result of all the auditions, she was easily approached for roles, and then the girl refused to withdraw, referring to her studies at the academy. Today Xenia actively communicates with fans through social networks. Fans, in turn, leave a lot of positive comments to the star.

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