Wood and paper |

Wood and paper |


Wood and paper |

Last year I wrote (well, as I wrote – in fact it was mostly a copy of several sources) post about a bad company H&M. Post received-to my surprise, a lot of pluses and many comments. Theme, of course, the horror is sad, but it was great to find out that many gossips support ecoconsciousness. Since then, I have repeatedly had thoughts to write about different eco-aspects, but somehow choto and several posts in drafts)

Wood and paper |

In general, to support ekotemu in blogs, I’ll write a short post about the wonderful Woody and his straw paper)

All, of course, know that the paper is made from trees that are cut too much, the transition to digital brake technology not only in our country, when all reports need to be thrown off electronically, and then to bring two copies in paper, Lake Baikal is bad, the number of Dontsova’s books grows and something needs to be done about it.

It turns out that Woody is one of those who have been very concerned about the deforestation rates for a long time.

Wood and paper |

Step Forward Paper, one of the founders of which is Woody, produces 80% of wheat straw and 20% recycled paper.


All the news that I found on this project, 2013-2014 years, when the company was actively looking for investors to expand production.

Apparently, this technology has not received wide popularity (and it’s a pity), but the company continues to produce straw paper and it is on sale. For example, on the site of the Amazon.

All good holidays! Peace Labor may!

Approach the purchase of paper items responsibly%)

Wood and paper |

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