Who are they – Philippine healers

Who are they - Philippine healers

The world is incredibly multifaceted, and what is normal in Europe is categorically condemned and condemned somewhere on the abandoned islands of the Indian Ocean. One of the most incredible wonders can be called things that occur on the far and exotic Philippine islands. Here, healers are practicing, or, to put it in modern terms, psychological surgeons. Who are these people? Why do hundreds of thousands of different people come to them from all over the world?

For the first time these wonderful healers became aware of the 1940s in the USSR, when our athlete visited the Philippines in the framework of the international competition. It should be noted that Europe at about the same time learned about the healers, but even now, after more than 70 years, disputes about their capabilities and superpowers have not abated.

Who are they - Philippine healers

How does the healing session occur? The patient lays down on something (an adaptation like a couch), and the healer, having entered a special trance, immerses his hands in the diseased part of the body. Sometimes healers even take out pieces of meat or some sick parts of organs. There is a case when a surgeon in front of amazed spectators took out a metal shunt from the patient’s heart area. As it later turned out, he had actually been operated on in the heart, using this shunt.

The operation is painless for the patient, the healers explain their activities by the fact that they “cut out” the tumor at the energy level, imperceptibly for the person himself. Getting rid of the problems of the mental kind leads to the normalization of physical health.

Officially, now in the Philippines, there are several thousand healers, but they are recognized by some 50 people as truly authoritative healers. It is noteworthy that Catholicism reigns on the islands, and healing sessions are held accompanied by prayers.

On the table, healers usually have a Bible. In this case, the healers sometimes refuse some patients if they do not believe in Jesus Christ, arguing that in this case they can not help. The Catholic Church recognizes the activity of energy surgeons, as it is, in the opinion of its representatives, a manifestation of God’s miracles.

True or not, it is difficult to understand, sitting thousands of kilometers away and not seeing everything with your own eyes. Many argue that this is a whole generation of charlatans, and even lead “weighty” arguments in their favor. Nevertheless, there are witnesses to these miraculous healings. Naturally, official medicine is not yet able to recognize this fact, so often the former, and now – healthy, patients with previously incurable diseases in history, in a med-card write something like “an erroneous diagnosis.”

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