“We do not hold back”: Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga Zueva

"We do not hold back": Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga ZuevaDanila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva at the premiere of "Coach".

Danila Kozlovsky told us about the filming of “Coach”, which premiered recently in all cinemas of the country. Kozlovsky not only directed the picture, but it played a major role. Found in the film role and his bride Olga Zueva – the actress was his on-screen beloved. According to Kozlowski, the most difficult moment was filming. They had to play passion, but by the time the filming went on, it was night, everyone was tired, and it was not easy to gather. Besides, Daniel was so worried.

– Sex scene was complicated by the fact that it was processing three to four hours, the Internet portal “The People” said. – I was very worried. And we were barely out of the street. They were outraged that the middle of the night, and their super secret areas is light and it threatens national security. And I’m very worried about this. But when I was ready to light this, we got started to gather material, and eventually an hour and a half. In the end, it turned out, from my point of view, very expressive and beautiful.

According to Kozlowski, the fact that Olga is his girlfriend, helped him during the filming of sex scenes. Besides, he left on the set minimum of people to create intimacy.

– Not that I specifically all out: “Go away, we’re here now. We make love to the camera”, no. First, there was not very much, and second, there was only operator and soundman. The fact that Olga is my girlfriend, helped, of course, although we did not really show and not exhibited, no details, and Nude bodies. But the scene is really very sensitive, because it is in its manifestations, very brave, and we did not keep in kisses, gestures.

"We do not hold back": Danila Kozlovsky told us about filming sex scenes with Olga Zueva

Today our #coachfilm premiers in Moscow.

The actor admitted that between him and his bride there is no jealousy, and Olga does not care if he has to act in love scenes with other partners.

– Olya is just super in this sense, as in everyone else – sane and intelligent person, – has told Kozlovsky. – She knows it’s job. And nothing like “I looked at the picture and you are there so it has been warmly hug” – it never was.

Earlier, in late April, Danila Kozlovsky has publicly denied the rumors about his homosexual, emphasizing that not just faced with different conjectures.

– I have experienced this personally. With different kinds of dirt on this subject. Personally, I say this openly – I’m not gay, I do not know any gay organization, says Daniel. – At the same time, I do not welcome some excessive activity on the part of the gay community. Anyway, today. We must take into account the peculiarities of our society, it is quite conservative.

Olga Zueva Danila Kozlovsky appears in public in 2015. Actor calls his bride Olga, although the exact timing of the wedding, the couple did not specify.

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