Visiting children – Igor Petrenko

On July 24, Igor Petrenko children from the departments of oncohematology-27 and general hematology. In the hospital, the artist arrived, loaded with a box with a DVD player and a mountain of discs with the best domestic films. When the bustle with autographs and photos settled, Petrenko was able to communicate with the guys individually. The boys even allowed Igor to take part in the championship in table hockey. The artist performed with dignity, finishing second and losing only to the patient of the department, Sergei Antonov.

P.S. Igor Petercko gave the department a DVD player, which is now in the lobby of the department. But it would be very good if we managed to equip the boxes with the video couplers. So far, there are no 27 TV sets in the separate ward of oncohematology. Those that stand are personal TV sets of parents or taken for temporary use in the temple. But in oncohematology-27 there are children who can not go out into the corridor because of chemotherapy. Video discs would be a good way for them to escape from treatment.


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