US military found out how much coffee is needed for cheerfulness

Now you can calculate the dose of coffee, which will encourage the person, but will not hurt him.

Scientists of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine commissioned by the US Army developed an algorithm that shows how much coffee is is necessary to drink to a person so that it is cheerful, but without causing harm. As the researcher Jacques Rayman noted, there is an opportunity to cheer up by 65%. "Would you like to come to work, drink coffee and that your brain activity improved by 40% or more for four hours?" – explained the essence of the project scientist.

Studies based on years of study of people with lack of sleep showed that if you slept little, you should use 200 mg of caffeine after awakening – this amount is contained in two ordinary cups. And then the same in four hours, according to the Daily Mail. But the algorithm takes into account other factors, and in the US they want to patent it and make the application. "My Planet" wrote that the Finns also.

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