Universal adapts the DOOM shooter

While some viewers are saddened by the closure of the horror series “Ash against the Evil Dead”, in gamers gave the hope that on the big screens of the planet there will be a new movie adaptation of the shooter DOOM.

According to Variety, the success of the restart of the cult game, released two years ago, contributed to the fact that the studio Universal Pictures took up the implementation of the next screen version.

The actress and singer poured the oil into the fire of the audience’s interest Nina Bergman, reported on Twitter that she had a role in the new tape for the universe. According to her, the shooting will take place in Bulgaria, and for the production will take “Super-cool director”. Bergman also assures that the new version will be better than the 2005 film with By Dwayne Johnson and Carl Urban, because the “The script is much better”.

Official information from Universal has not yet been received.

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