UEFA suspended the “Marseille” in European competition. The club will hold the next home match without spectators

UEFA issued a “Marcel” punishment for the behavior of fans in the matches last season of the League of Europe.

The French club is conditionally disqualified from one draw of European cups. A two-year trial period has been assigned to Marseilles. If in this period there are violations, the French team will be excluded from one draw of European competition.

The next home match in the European competition “Marseille” will hold without spectators. In the home game after the disqualification of the Velodrome, some sectors of the arena will be partially closed.

“Marseille” is also fined 100 thousand euros. The club, in addition, was obliged to compensate the “Lion” for the behavior of fans at the final match of the League of Europe, which was held at the “Stud de Lyon”.

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